Call In Cancellation

  1. Express sympathy that they are cancelling 
  2. Ask Why they are cancelling and record the answer, ask follow up questions to gain greater detail (cost, communication, services, better offer from someone else etc.) ** REALLY LISTEN TO WHAT THEY ARE SAYING - Record this information -
  3. May I ask is there anything we could do that would change your mind? If I were able to …… would you consider staying with us?
  1. I will access our billing to see what services we are providing for you, do you know what services you want to cancel?
  2. Look and find if we have registered the domain, SSL, CPC, call tracking #’s (U: P: se0_Queen2) or if there are any outstanding invoices.
  3. Let the client know what any outstanding invoices are & that you will be sending any invoices due and that there may be some services that may still be billed at a pro-rated amount as they have already been started.
  4. Let the client know that you will send a confirmation email to the email address we have on file of the services they have cancelled as well as the total of any remaining balance due, Let them know that the cancellation will not be final without a response (From the Email address(s) noted in QuickBooks).  In the email sent, include the list of services to be cancelled.
  5. Be sure to update any memorized transactions appropriately INCLUDE THIS Cancellation information in QB.  Update the note in QB as well with initials after the confirmation email is received.
  6. Cancel service(s)

Here are SOME services we do provide:

  1. Website Hosting
  2. Email Hosting
  3. SSL
  4. Domain Registration
  5. Call Tracking Numbers
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. CPC Ad’s
    1. Paid Ad’s / Banners
    2. Retargeting Ads
    3. Social Media PPC
  8. Cognitive SEO
  9. Review Managment
  10. Banners / Preroll / Google Shopping
  11. idev Affiliate

Call Tracking Numbers ->
PW: se0_Queen2