Billable Support:

If a client calls in and asks you to help with a support issue that is outside of what we handle (i.e. A client needs help moving outlook from one computer to another.) In the absolute kindest way, you are to say the following:

"We are more than happy to help! However, just so you are aware, I can see that your email (or website) is pulling up just fine and so the changes and help you are needing is typically beyond what we support.  We make sure you have the data (i.e. your email or website pulls up) all the way up to your device (computer/phone/etc.), but managing software programs on your device is something that is typically handled by your IT administrator.  Does your company have an IT company that you use?  if not, I am more than happy to recommend one for you! Otherwise, I can help you if you’d like, but know that it would simply be hourly for me to do so.  If you’re okay with that, then let’s get started as we can do a screenshare.  What would you like me to do?"