Project Milestones

  1. Project Created /  Assigned 
  2. Client Welcome Email / Phone Call (This should be done within 8 business hours of receiving the project) 
      • Send off client welcome email (located at
      • Call Client
        Introduce yourself, have a conversation about the email you just sent
        Ask Client for all assets needed for upcoming design meeting i.e photos, logos etc.
        Does the client have a domain name? If not are they going to purchase one or is i4? What are the pros and cons of us vs them buying domain? 
        If i4 Purchases include this in the additional notes section of the project.
      • Confirm both the client and i4 has the design meeting scheduled (send a calendar invite from your calendar, set reminder on your calendar to get confirmation from client 24 hours in advance)
      • Review content on existing site with the client - ask them if there are any big or huge changes they want to the TEXT or message-delivery of their website. Dialog Example: “Hi, would you have some time to go over and review your existing website so we can get started on refreshing your content it will help us to know of any big or major changes.”  (They should not need to talk with the Marketing team, PM’s can facilitate this and convey what the client wants.)
      • Following the call, create a google doc with the existing sites text using a header for each page/section  All text from current website will be on a google doc?
      • Send an email to in the subject line Content Refresh for X Client (or New Content needed for X Client). Indicate in the body of the email, if the marketing team does or does not need to contact the client proceeding with the content to include the google doc link and ask the Marketing team to let you know when this has been updated, Include when the design meeting is scheduled for. PM’s will be responsible for uploading the content to the demo site. 
      • Set Calendar Reminder if you have not received the updated document back from the Marketing team within 7 days of sending it to reach out and get an updated ETA 
      • Create Task for Demo Site. (This should be done within 8 business hours of receiving the project)
      • Upload refreshed content to website within 3 business days of receiving it
      • If no secondary page design purchased, use the pageHeader class see section 7b when populating content.
      • Create / Assign Design Task include any and all assets/notes or information you have received .
      • Confirm Design Worksheet has been completed and all assets received prior to the design meeting.
      • Call client 24 hours prior to design meeting to confirm appointment and remind if needed about design worksheet.
      • If refreshed content is ready let Designer know where it is and ensure they have access to it.
  3. Design Meeting takes place do the following within 8 business hours
      • Send Design Approval Email ( found at )
      • Reach out to client immediately following design meeting to get approval 
      • If additional secondary pages are in scope get time scheduled  with Christina (Do NOT assign Mike secondary page designs) Re-Add/Attach Design worksheet to secondary page design task.
      • Be clear in task notes if content has been refreshed - What pages need to be designed - Link to home page psd
  4. Slicing (do the following within 8 business hours)
    • Send Programming Email ( found at )
    • Create/Assign slicing task our goal is to get the homepage and secondary pages designed before slicing begins but do not wait if secondary pages are not completed
    • If there are custom items on the design these need to be clearly conveyed to the slicer ie: honeycomb hexagon design example -If you have any questions talk to Sara
  5. Quality Assurance Check-List
      • Look over all pages, do they pass the visual test i.e. spacing, padding, look at this on mobile. Bottom line does this look good to you? 
      • If Possible Add a Favicon
      • Do all pages have page headers, do not forget you can use pageHeader class as well bg-primary or bg-default   pageHeader refer to header, bg-primary refers to color? bg-default?
      • Site has been updated in the Module Store (titanium) if Wordpress WP version, themes & plugins are all up to date
      • Title Tags have been updated on all main navigation pages
      • Site does not have any Lorem ipsum placeholder text
      • All images are free of watermarks
      • All images are properly sized 
      • All external links open in new windows or tabs
      • Email forms have been properly set up and tested - client is receiving the form submissions.
      • If replacing an existing site - 301 redirects have been created
  6. Train 
    • Call the client...make the call exciting, that we are ready to launch! Etc. Persuade them to launch this week!  Let them know they can make changes at anytime, especially after in launches. 
    • Send Training Email ( found at )
    • Create Client username/password - Send email to client with link to tutorial videos, admin link user/pass information.
    • Find out if client has google analytics, if not upsell opportunity  how much?
  7. Launch
    • Send hosting email ( found at titled Hosting Email)
  8. Bill Project (Steps Below)

Steps to Bill a Project:


  1. Throughout the project it is your responsibility as the project manager to do all you can to ensure the project stays on or under hours. However, if you can see that the project will go over allotted hours, you need to determine one of the following courses of action:
    • Determine how best to wrap up the project as quickly as possible
    • Determine if the client has asked for items above the project scope which will require additional funds & a dialog must be had with the client to let them know their project has gone beyond estimated budget/scope and to give them an update on what your estimate is to finish out the remaining items
  2. Go over the “Additional Notes” Section, and look for any extras (This is a field where you must add additional billable items throughout the project ie: domain name purchases, plugins, extra istock images, Ecommerce $1.00 testing etc.)
  3. Review attached contract if available “ look to see any price variances, estimates or ranges.
  4. Go to “Project tasks” tab, make sure all tasks are completed & review hours
    • Change the PM task to billable and update any tasks not set as billable to billable
    • Use the project tasks table to double check that you are not over budget. In other words scroll down to the bottom of the “task summary” section, and look at the total cost shown
  5. Click on the "Billing” Tab - Click on “Bill Project” button
  6. Enter in the $ amt in the Field "Amount to Bill this service" if there is more than one enter in an amount in each field.
  7. Open Quick Books
  8. Follow the Quick Books How to Create an Invoice Steps
  9. Enter the Invoice number into the billing field
  10. Set the Project Status after billing
  11. Set the billing date (unless contract states otherwise or agreements were made, the date will be todays date)
  12. Payment Method - If payment method is Credit Card on File You will need to run the card after entering the invoice & completing the project in TT
  13. Enter in Any Notes necessary - ie: Project Billed 
  14. If Project Went over "Was there any work requested that went above what was orignally scoped?" select yes or no if the extra work is billable. If no please include very detailed notes as to WHY we are not biling more. if Yes is selected be sure that amount is reflected in the Total Amount Requested to be billed & on the invoice.