Domain Purchase

  1. Purchase the domain name in our Wild West Domains account 
    Wild West Domains
    Pass: i42k1M&B!
    • Ensure Domain is set to Auto Renew during purchase unless client specifically requests otherwise.
  2. Create or Add the domain purchase to the clients monthly hosting bill
    • Non-premium domain $2.08 / mo
      **Note: Non-premium domains end like .com, .net, . org
    • Premium domains $3.5/mo & UP
      • Note: Premium domains end like .me, .care. life etc.
    • Purchasing a domain name that was NOT initially available or costs more than $35/yr - these are priced on a case by case basis! Please ask how to bill these domains.
  3. Add the domain to as a new domain
  4. Send the client an email lettign them know that the domain has been purchased, let them know that the domain is registered on a yearly basis & is set to automatically renew 60 days prior to expiration so if they want to cancel their domain renewal in the future they will need to email us 60 days in advance of domain expiration.
  5. Email the domain name and the client that the domain name was purchased for.

Domain Name Transfers:

  1. Initiate domain transfer 
  2. Follow steps 2-5 above. (NOTE: domain transfers can take up to 10 days)

SSL Purchase:

  1. Check this list first if an SSL is on this list you can Rekey & Resuse it:
  2. If no SSL is available - Purchase the SSL Certs Server
    username & password same as ABOVE for Wild West
  3. Create or Add the SSL purchase to the clients monthly hosting bill $7.95/mo (unless otherwise specified by the Account Manager)
  4. If this purchase includes a domain purchase follow the step 3 above, if this is for an existing site follow the step below:
  5. After you have purchased the SSL, then go to and locate the domain, and open it and enter the SSL expiration date.
  6. Enter in a new credit card purchase at when you enter in the purchase details - Select Flat Amount in the Markup Type $64.41 is the markup amount