How to renew the SSL on the server

  1. Generate and save the CSR and Private Key
  2. Purchase the SSL
  3. Set up the SSL using the CSR generated in step 1
  4. After SSL is approved, download and unzip the SSL certificate
  5. Convert the SSL certificate to PFX file - use same password as certificate store uses
  6. Import the SSL on the email server in IIS
  7. Update the bindings in IIS to use the new SSL certificate
  8. Export the SSL certificate using this format [year] - for example if the certificate was purchased in 2017 the exported file name would be - save the exported file to C:\SmarterMail\Certificates
  9. Log in to the email server via the web interface
  10. Click on the "Settings" icon
  11. Click the "+" next to "Bindings"
  12. Click on "Ports"
  13. For each port that is either SSL or TLS enabled (checked) do the following
    1. Click ont he port
    2. Click the "Edit" button at the top
    3. Update the file name in the certificate path to the new certificate
    4. Re-enter the password
    5. Click the "Verify Certificate" button to ensure the SSL is valid - you should see a green bar with the message "The test was successful". If not, Check the file name and password to ensure they are correct.
    6. Click the "Save" button