1. Sign into Quick Books
  2. Start from the home page (screen shot below)
  3. Click Create Invoices (Highlighted in Screen shot below)
  4. Look For Customer Name under "Customer Job" (if not in list <Add New>)
  5. Under Item Name Select the appropriate Billing Category PER ITEM exmple: if they have a log & a website this is 2 line items

    • All Web development, programming etc. goes under Website Development
    • All hosting goes under "Web Hosting & Email (SSL is its own ITEM)
    • Logo & Print work goes under "Logo, Brochure & Print Design"
    • SEO/CPC and other digital marketing items go under "SEO"
  6. Each item MUST have a set Quantity, Rate & Class. Example: If the invoice being created is for a 50% down payment the rate would be the FULL price and the qty would be .5
  7. Clearly State what the invoice is for example: Custom Website design includes full content management system website Package Option 1 includes (note contract details)
    • If there is a payment plan include those details example: Total cost $1,000 payments will be broken into 5 total payments of $200 First payment due now subsequent payments 2-5 will be due every 30 days.
  8. On the Invoice (bottom) The TT Project # needs to be clearly indicated (you can state Internal use only)
  9. If the invoice you are creating is a "one time billing" for example Website developement continue to step 10, if this invoice has reoccuring payments skip to step 14
  10. Click to place a check mark & the click on Email
  11. Click on Invoice
  12. Change the From field to "accounting@i4.net" Personlize the email with any details from previous conversations if needed.
  13. Click Send (the first time you do this daily you will need to enter in your password for your email)
  14. Memorize Transactions: For hosting invoices or other re-occuring invoices you will need to memorize the transaction: Click on Memorize
  15. Click on Automate Transaction Entry
  16. Determine How often this invoice is to be billed (typically this is set to Monthly & occasionally yearly)
  17. If this is a payment plan Enter in the number of remaining payments, if this is hosting leave number remaining blank
  18. Next date: this is for the NEXT billing so it is a future date
  19. Click OK - If you are editing an existing memorized transaction you will want to click replace in the pop-up.
  20. If this is for a new memorized transaction click ADD (type in an addendum in the Name so you know which is which in the memorized transaction list example: Sole Solutions (client) - Blackwater Marine (added).