Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today about your new marketing services. We are excited to get started on everything. This email will serve to recap our conversation as well as outline the various assignments for all of us moving forward.

I'll start out by getting you the contact information for our team. You'll likely work primarily with me, but there are a few other people you may get emails from, from time to time. Here are the main team members you will hear from.

Tyler Williams: Social Media Manager - Tyler@i4solutions.com
Abigail Anderson: Marketing Manager/Account Executive - abigail@i4solutions.com
Kevin Nilsson: Marketing Manager/Digital Marketing Strategist - Kevin@i4solutions.com

We also have a group email we give out for any situation where you cannot get ahold of a particular person. If you send a request to SEO@i4solutions.com, typically the first person who sees it will respond.

Please remember, we need your help to complete all of your marketing on time so a fast response to our emails, phone calls, and texts is very important. I promise to respond to you within 24 business hours or less.

Before we can begin working, we will need a few things from you for access to the website, social media, and other various accounts. Below are each of the items and the information we need or need you to add to the accounts. If you do not have any of these accounts already set up just let me know and we can set them up for you.


  • Google Analytics (Please add customersupport@i4solutions.com as an admin)
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  • Google Search Console (Please add customercare@i4solutions.com as an admin)
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  • Google My Business (Please add customercare@i4solutions.com as an admin)
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  • Google Ads (Please add customercare@i4solutions.com as an admin)
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  • Facebook (Please add customercare@i4solutions.com as a page admin)
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  • LinkedIn (Please add SocialMedia@seodigitalsolution.com as a page admin)
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  • Twitter (This is typically a username and password combination)
  • Instagram (This is typically a username and password combination)
  • Website Access (This is typically an email and password combination)


For the SEO we'll want to make a few edits to the website content so keep an eye out for adjusted content being sent over for approval. We'll wait for your approval on the website changes every time unless you tell us to make changes without your approval.

Once the onsite content is completed, we will begin what we refer to as link building. This is a process where we create links to your website from other highly authoritative sites that will help search engines understand the website's purpose. This includes video links, article links, blog links, and social bookmarking as the main 4 types.

We'll send out regular reports each month so that you're aware of your ranking positions, the website traffic, and other key details at all times. You can also reach out and request a custom report from us at any time. You will have access to the live data in the reporting dashboard as well.

For the ads, newsletters, and social media we'll work on some content examples for banners, ad text, email content, social media posts, and all of the related items. We'll be getting those over to you for initial approval as well. We'll go over those items in more detail during our weekly calls with you as they are completed and ready for review.

We will be setting up several different tools to track and log the results from your campaigns. One of them is a leads tracking portal that will also integrate with our call tracking. Once set up, we integrate it with your all-encompassing dashboard. You'll get an email from us or My Visual Project, which is our reporting software, with logins to the live reporting dashboard and can be accessed at https://dashboard.myvisualproject.com/

We are excited to be working with you! If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask. I will send over the baseline reports and some of the keyword research later this week.

Thank You,


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Here are the other notes we took from our kickoff call today