Overview of UTM Variables for Tracking CPC

These variables can be added to the end of URL's in ad platforms to create extra tracking in Analytics or in the platform. There are som varaibles that are unique to their platform such as Google or Facebook Specific Variables, but these variables are universal for any campaign you want to track.

  • Utm_source : Track the website the traffic comes from Ex. google
  • Utm_medium : Track the type of click Ex. cpc or organic or affiliate
  • Utm_campaign : Track wherein the campaign the click was Ex. Audience or Adgroup
  • Utm_term : Track the keyword or targeting used. Ex. Web Designers near SLC
  • Utm_content : Track the ad content or copy. Ex. Ad#12

Example: http://procedures.i4.net/?Utm_source=google&Utm_medium=cpc&Utm_campaign=Web_Design&Utm_term=Website_Design_Cost&Utm_content=236458

Add This to the end of Facebook Ads URL's (URL Parameters in Ad Setup)


Add This to the end of Google Ads URL's (URL Suffix in URL Options)


Adwords ValueTrack Parameters

Use these parameters with UTM variables to pass over dynamic data from Google ads. This is what they will return in the URL.

  • {device} device type (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, TV)
  • {matchtype} keyword type (Broad, Phrase, Exact)
  • {network} the network it was clicked on (Google, Display, YouTube etc)
  • {creative} the ad id (guid)
  • {campaignid} or {adgroupid} the id for the campaign or ad group
  • {keyword} the keyword clicked
  • {adposition} the page and position of the ad ex 1b2 would be page 1 Bottom #2
  • {random} a random string of characters that is unique identifier for this trackable url

Example Adwords Link


Translated this Becomes 



Facebook Value Track Parameters

Use these parameters with UTM variables to pass over dynamic data from Facebook ads. This is what they will return in the URL.

  • {{site_source_name}}  Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network
  • {{placement}} Where the ad was (mobile, right side, stories, newsfeed, etc)
  • {{campaign.name}} or  {{adset.name}} similar to campaign or adgroup
  • {{ad.name}} similar to creative


Example Facebook Link


Translated this Becomes