Set up form:
1. Go to this link
2. Create an Account for the client (using their email address) - Let them know they will get an email letting them know they created an account
3. Click on New Form > Start from scratch
4. Add the questions
5. DO NOT FORGET.. At the bottom of the page click on Submission Settings - Fill this out & or set a Redirect URL - Update the Notification Email Address and ensure this is turned on.
6. Save the Form
7. Click publish at the top
8. Copy the Seamless code & paste this on the website in a custom code module.

To make sure that the client gets the form details do the following:

  1. Go to Submission Settings
  2. On the right hand side the 4th point asks, "Include?" 
  3. Check the box that says, "Entry Details."
  4. After clicking that box it gives you the option to also include blank spaces. 
  5. Click Save when finished.