1. Check Quick books to ensure hosting hasn't been changed and is current
  2. Login to the website Typically domain.name/wp-admin
  3. Run  a wordfence scan (it is best to do this on a laptop so you can work on other items while the scan is running)
  4. Every plugin & theme that needs an update will show as an "issue" those are expected - when the scan is complete you are looking for "issues" that are severe and have keywords like "suspected malicious files found"
  5. If you do not find any trigger issues during the scan go to the duplicator plugin and make a duplicate copy of the site
  6. Once you have a copy of the site start updating (in the order below):
    • Update plugins
    • Update Themes
    • Update wordpress version
  7. If you DID find issues with the site Notify Dave and wait for him to let you know its approved to proceed. Once you have received approval Re-Start the Process from step 3
  8. Once all the updates have been completed go thru the main pages of the site and any CTA pages ie: request a quote or special function pages & ensure those still LOOK & WORK correctly.