WP Engine Login

user: chad@amplifyonline.com
pass:  Bump000Er

A2 Hosting

user: chad@amplifyonline.com
pass: AmplifyTeam@2018!

Cloudflare Login: andrew@amplifyonline.com 
Pass: bump000er

How to migrate wordpress site from wpengine to a2 hosting

  • 1. Create site on new server
    • 1. login to a2 hosting
    • 2. Login to WHM
    • 3. Create new Account
    • 4. enter domain and password (this will be cpanel login info)
    • 5. check the "Use the nameservers specified at the domain's registrar"
    • 6. select "automatically detect configuration" under mail routing settings
    • 7. click "create"
  • 2. Create FTP user on new account created in step 1
    • 1. click on "List Accounts" on WHM screen left panel
    • 2. click the "+" next to the domain just created
    • 3. click on the "CP" icon to open cPanel
    • 4. click on "FTP Accounts"
    • 5. enter "i4" for the first part of the FTP login
    • 6. use same password as created for cpanel login in step 1-4 above
    • 7. remove the autocreated text under directory
    • 8. click "Create FTP account"
  • 3. Copy site files from old server (FTP)
    • 1. Create SFTP account
      • 1. Go to dashboard on wpengine
      • 2. Click on "SFTP users" on left side
      • 3. click on "Add SFTP user"
      • 4. for user name enter i4 (actual username will be site name followed by "-i4"
      • 5. for password enter "R0ck0ni4$"
      • 6. set Environment to "live"
    • 2. Login to SFTP using FTP client of choice (Filezilla, etc)
      • Host: amplifyonline.sftp.wpengine.com
      • user: (from step 2-1-4 above)
      • pass: R0ck0ni4$
      • port: 2222
    • 3. Download all files and folders from server
  • 4. create database and database user on new server
    • 1. From cpanel click on "mysql database wizard"
    • 2. enter site url substitute the "." with an underscore "_" instead. Note that the full database name will also include the first part of the database name shown in gray to the left of where the name is entered
    • 3. enter a unique username (7 chars max) - make note of the the user name entered. Note that the full database name will also include the first part of the user name shown in gray to the left of where the name is entered
    • 4. use the password generator - copy and paste the password for use in step 4 below
    • 5. select "all privileges" and then click "next step
  • 5. update wp-config.php with new DB credentials
    • 1. open wp-config.php in editor of choice (notepad++, etc)
    • 2. update the "DEFINE" lines for Database name, user and password from step 3 above. Host should be "localhost"
  • 6. upload site files to new server (FTP)
    • 1. Log in using FTP client of choice (Filezilla, etc)
      • A2 Host:
      • User and pass from step 2 above
  • 7. export database from old server (phpmyadmin)
    • Note: you will need to update the database name to match the new database name created in step 3 above.
  • 8. import database to new server (phpmyadmin)
  • 9. Add host file to local computer and test site on new server
  • 10. May need to refresh permalinks
    • 1. login to site/wp-admin
    • 2. go to settings>permalinks
    • 3. note the permalink setting currently selected
    • 4. change the permalink to one of the other options and click save
    • 5. change the permalink back to the original noted in step 9-3 above.
  • 11. Update DNS to point to new site