How to add the Ti Admin Bar Ads to a site

  1. How to add the Ti Admin Bar Ads to a site.
    Open your FTP client (Filezilla or similar)
  2. Login to the i4 FTP (
  3. Navigate to the Demo Server
  4. Open the "views" folder
  5. Open the "shared" folder
  6. download the following file to your computer: PageManagementButtons.ascx
  7. navigate to the server where the website resides
  8. Open the "views" folder
  9. Open the "shared" folder
  10. upload the file you downloaded in step 6 above

For Ti3.3B sites you will be asked if you want to replace the existing file - select yes/ok

For Ti3.3Edit the "site.master" file in the shared folderDo a search for the following:


Replace it with the following:


Ti 3.0 and 2.x sites cannot be updated to show ads on the Ti admin bar.

How to add the Login screen ads to a site (Ti 3.3 and 3.3B only)

  1. Login to the site admin
  2. go to /modulestore
  3. update the TitaniumCore (and Titanium if an update is available)
  4. ensure the site is working

How to prevent ads from displaying on a Ti3.3 or Ti3.3b Site (for clients such as Radiate, dreamscape, etc)

  1. Login to the site admin
  2. hover over "site" and click "configuration"
  3. expand "site settings"
  4. Look for the key named "Offers"if there is not already a key you can add it by clicking on the "add item to this category" next to "site settings"
  5. Set the value to "false"