Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today about your new marketing services. We are excited to get started on everything. This email will serve to recap our conversation as well as outline the various assignments for us all moving forward.

I'll start out by getting you the contact information for our team. You'll likely work primarily with Andres and me, but there are a few other people you may get emails from time to time. Here are the main team members you will hear from.
Zac Hales Dept Manager - 801-383-6409  
Andres Irvin Digital Marketing Strategist  - 801-712-3741
Jaimee Marlette Assistant Manager - 801-383-6396  
We use the seo@uintalocal email as a shared account to communicate mostly, but we also from time to time will send emails through our reporting and tracking software called My Visual Project (MVP) so you will also get emails from,, or as well.
As you know we will need to get a couple of things from you to get started, primarily analytics, webmaster tools, google ads/shopping, and the website. Below are the instructions for each platform. If you need any assistance please let me know.
I know we got cut off a little short for our call yesterday so I wanted to quickly review some of our processes for you. We will typically start by taking a quick analysis of where everything is and making a baseline report so we have a way to track our progress. 
From there we will work on the selected keywords and the appropriate pages optimizing the code and content for search engine purposes. We'll check over 50 different things on each page to make sure it has all of the checkboxes ticked to rank well.

Once that onsite content is completed we will begin what we refer to as link building. This is a process where we create links to your website from other highly authoritative sites that will help search engines to understand the website's purpose. This includes video links, article links, blog links, and social bookmarking as the main 4 types.

We'll send out regular reports each month so your aware of your ranking positions, the website traffic, and other key details at all times. You can also always reach out and request a custom report from us at any time. You will have access to the live data in the reporting dashboard as well. You'll get an email today from our reporting software (MVP) with logins to the live reporting dashboard which can be accessed at

We are excited to be working with you! If you have any questions for me please feel free to ask. I will send over the baseline reports and some of the keyword research later this week.