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No leads

Only look at this one after you’ve determined that they have traffic and rankings

  • Are they competitive in the market?  What is their offer compared to others?  Have them change their offer or help them build value into their offer.
  • What is the product or service?  Is it clear on the site?
  • Is the offer clear?  Is it enticing? Is there an offer at all?
  • Is there some sort of 3rd party testimonial?
  • Is there some sort of award, recognition, approval from the business community?
  • Are the phone numbers, emails, and forms on the site easy to see?  Phone number in top right.
  • All product or service pages should have a form.
  • Is the form working?  Are there links that take you to broken pages?
  • Are your calls going through?  Test it.
  • Is there a hacker or a crazy employee?

No Impressions

  • Are all pieces of the ad on?  The campaign, Set, Ad?
  • Are your ads approved or completed?
  • Do you have targeting set up that is good?  Is it too specific or too broad? Is your targeting not set up?

No Clicks

  • Does it make sense for the ad to get clicks?  Is it a competitive ad? What’s the offer?
  • Where is the ad showing up? (Placement)
  • Is it a broken link?