Select the type of issue

No Reviews

  • Have we had new clients to contact?  If so,
  • Have they been contacted through  
  • Are the contacts they gave us usable?
  • Did the contacts leave a review on but not on Facebook or Google?
  • Did FB or Google remove the client’s reviews?
  • Are the clients getting the notifications of the reviews?

Bad Reviews

  • Did they send us people who they did a bad job for?
  • Is the customer ridiculous?
  • Is our review widget filter set up?  Does the client only want 5 star reviews?
  • Is it the client’s perspective that they have bad reviews?

No Contacts

  • Is the process difficult for them (the spreadsheet)?
  • Do they not have time?
  • Do they have an issue with their system?  Exporting contacts.
  • Identify the pain point and eliminate it.