Select the type of issue

No Engagements

  • Is the post engaging or lame?
  • Does your page have followers?
  • Is it a boosted post? If so, what was the daily budget and demographics? What was the goal?  Make sure it’s engagements if that’s what you want.

No Followers

  • How old is the page?
  • What are we doing to invite people to follow the page?
  • Are we using an ad campaign to help increase followers?
  • Do they have follow us on social on website and elsewhere?
  • Is the hashtag you’re using worth it?

No Value (ROI)

  • Does social media make sense?  We could try to offer them something bettah!  Provide the value.
  • Do a platform that makes sense for their industry.
  • Are they using their current platform properly?  Does the service match their goals?
  • Does their budget match their goals?
  • Are you hitting the right demographics??

I don't Think Anything is Happening

  • Are they looking at the right profile?  If not, that’s awkward!
  • Do the clients understand the results?
  • When is the last time you updated the client on our awesome results?
  • Tell them they’re wrong...nicely.