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Forms Not Submitting

Try these steps if the form doesn't show up in Whatconverts (

  • Is the tracking code installed on the website.
  • Is the form auto-detected by the software? If not did you set up the form and submit tracking codes?
  • Is the form failing to submit due to required fields, or broken form issues?
  • Is the form on a wordpress site with an odd plugin?
  • Is the Javascript code being executed?

Leads Not Reporting Properly

Depending on where you are looking leads data may not be showing properly. Here is how to check.

Google Analytics

  • Run site audit report (seoptimer)
  • Fix any recommendations on the site audit
  • Look at optimization with SEOQuake, and fix things that aren’t correctly optimized.
  • Check their robots.txt to see if pages aren’t being indexed.

Google Ads:

  • Look at SEOptimer to see how many backlinks they have.  If they only have a few, make some more links or make sure they are high quality
  • Look in Webmaster Tools and look at their links.  If they only have a few, make some more links or make sure they are high quality.  Make sure your SEO pages are where the top links are going.
  • If they’re new...just wait.  Otherwise, do some additional links.  If it’s a higher package, do some more high quality links.
  • Disavow low quality or bad links. (Linkquidator)  See if there are new bad backlinks that need to be disavowed.

Lead Dashboard:

  • Google “Google Updates”, look in Spyfu under ranking history, look in search engine journal.
  • See if the Google change is consistent across multiple devices
  • How is your site converting?  What is your sites click through rate?  If it’s bad...take steps to improve it.
  • Fix the things we need to fix to make sure Google loves us again

Other Systems via Zapier:

  • Go to spyfu and look at SERP report.  Shows you changes in rankings over time to see if people have bypassed you.  If there are new names, there’s a new competitor that is advertising.
  • Determine what you need to do to get in front of their competitor.  Research them in spyfu and see what they’re doing and what we can match or excel at (e.g. links, ads, etc.)

Phone Number Does Not Change

Try these steps if the client phone number doesn't change.

  • Is the tracking code installed on the website?
  • Is the dynamic phone insertion configured properly?
  • Are you cookied and it is ruining the test?
  • Is the Javascript code being executed?