Initial Checklist

1. Create Customer Information Spreadsheet

2. Set Up Review Shake Landing Page

  • On reviewshake, go to Landing Page in the left menu
  • Click Review us Page
  • You will then see the following options
    • Review distribution: set the order on how the review sites will be shown (Google, Facebook, etc.)
    • Custom fields: choose the information that you want your customers to fill out (name, number, email)
    • Funnel: This option allows you to select how your customers are shown your review sites - either they are shown directly (Review Sites funnel), or they can be shown based on customer satisfaction (Thumbs, Stars and Faces funnel)

3. Set Up Review Shake Opt-In Page

  • Go to Landing page > Opt-in Page
  • to setup your opt in page, you will need to have a campaign - your customer will get added to the Campaign once they are opted in. This allows you to set a delay on the review invitation, reminders and more options.
  • Authentication
    • You can enable authentication on the opt-in page, which requires visitors to input a username and password before inputting customer information. This is useful if you have employees inputting information and don't want the public to be able to do so.
  • CSV upload
    • Enable the CSV upload option to be able to upload a CSV file of customers directly from the opt in page, for when you need to opt in more than one customer at a time.
    • Add: email, phone, first and last name.

4. Created Review Campaign

  • Campaigns are how reviews can be automated and function similar to an automated drip campaign. Sign into Review Shake and navigate to Invitations > Campaigns. Click new Campaign.
  • Name your campaign and hit next.
  • Set Delay Hours to 0 if you want clients to immediately begin receiving requests. If you set a delay, meaning it will wait for that amount of time to send, this is good for dynamic contact lists generated by a trigger instead of an upload of data. Set the throttling hours to 24 or customer's may get multiple invites per day.
  • Select an email and subject and/or SMS template to send and hit next.
  • If you want to remind the customer to leave a review create reminders and set them up. Delay the reminder by as many hours as needed. If you would like multiple reminders please set them up now.
  • Click Create and begin using your campaign.

5. Example Text/Email Sent

  • If the client has requested customization to their emails or text messages, we will need to create new templates to work with. Sign into Review Shake and navigate to Invitations > Templates.
  • Select Email, Subject lines, or SMS and click New Template
  • When creating an email be sure to link all the appropriate images, buttons and links. Use Merge tags in the editor to call dynamic information like Customer Name or Company Name
  • When creating a SMS please limit to 160 characters (spaces included) or the customer will receive multiple text messages.
  • When creating subject lines think about the email content it will be paired with.
  • Save your new template and create a campaign with it

6. Client Review Widgets Created

  • Go to Widgets
  • Click Review Widgets
  • You can choose to display reviews from different types of widgets such as carousel, grid, slider, quote, and list.

7. Received Google Business Access

  • Email the client to either get their username and password, or have client add customercare@i4solutions with admin access.

8. Monthly Reporting Set Up

Monthly Tasks

1. Weekly 

2. Monthly